//Game review – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Game review – Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Medieval times have been a long standing cliche staple in movies, games, and real life. Thousands of people flock to Medieval reenactments and fairs every year to enjoy the romanticization of the time period. On October 16th, 2012, the game known as Chivalry Medieval Warfare was released by Torn Banner Studios. Chivalry is a sequel to Age of Chivalry, released in 2007. The game features thrilling combat, an amazing community, and features never seen before in gaming.

BY: Mr Pibb

– Featured Image credit: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam

A real-time sword mechanic makes the game stand out from games before it, with hitscan style swings. The game reached the spotlight after multiple big youtubers featured it in videos, with a rough max player count upwards of 25,000. Today, Chivalry is home to two hundred to three hundred dedicated players who have learned the ins and outs of combat.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Launch Trailer


Some players have as much as twelve-thousand hours on the game! Chivalry’s combat is not without exploits, as you can hit a player from behind you. What started as a bug has turned into one of my favorite features in the game. The real-time swing mechanic can be used to initiate a strike called a drag, where you hold out on hitting the other player until the last second when their block falls. These borderline features have enabled combat to be much harder, and increased the learning curve tenfold.

Combat is fast paced, fun, and challenging while not being unfair. One of my favorite things in Chivalry is that no death is not your fault, and you can always get better. What I believe makes this game stand out is the welcoming, happy, community of original players who have stuck around.


Fun with the Clan


Everyone is willing to teach you new tricks and skills to improve your fighting. The game’s current community offers plenty of real life learning opportunities, with many players working a trade or job you can learn about. For instance, I have learned a little about real estate chatting to two separate players.

On a server called FixedBack Mountain, they are keeping the competitive scene alive, offering cash prizes for winning tournaments. The game features a fifteen song medieval themed soundtrack, perfect for goofy moments and thrilling combat. With a community still bustling with innovation and creativity, Chivalry is an old but gold classic. New maps are still being made, and more fun is being had.


Chivalry shenanigans


In conclusion, I believe Chivalry Medieval Warfare to be one of the all time best, most innovative games. Nothing will ever be the same, or better than it. I will never forget the friends I have made, or the fun I have had playing.