//Digital Illustration: Witchy’s take on the Vancouver underground

Digital Illustration: Witchy’s take on the Vancouver underground

He’s an incredibly gifted character illustrator, he roams the Net under the name of Witchy and today he shares a gallery of his latest work with us at 7-circles.net

BY: Elis

Currently a Canada resident, Witchy has created a series of drawings depicting the colorful and intriguing youth of the Vancouver underground, taking comissions for drawings from close friends, or a gig or a studio here and there.

Despite being barely a design and character modelling graduate, Witchy has already put together quite an impressive portfolio. We at 7-circles can already predict a very bright future for this young artist. With a hint of glamour, a pick of fantasy and without further ado, we present to you:

Witchy’s depiction of the Vancouver Underground



Taking a time between studio projects, Witchy has accepted taking drawing comissions from 7-circles readers. If you’re interested on requesting a digital illustration from this great artist, please send a message to questions@sevencircles.net.