//Review Show – Metal Family

Review Show – Metal Family

Alina Kovaleva made an animation somewhere around 2018 about two metalheads falling in love: a heavy metal, bone-breaker girl; and a way more relaxed guy. She used Avantasia´s song, The story ain’t over. And that folks, was the pilot episode

BY: Esaka

Some time later I discovered this animation had become a show where we got to see the adventures of the metal family (the actual name of the series, curious, right??) we would get to meet the parents: Victoria and Glam, the characters of the pilot episode and their children: Dee, who was the older one, intelligent and rational (like his father); and Heavy, the younger one, who is a lot more passionate and animated (like his mother). If I had to give this show a genre, it would be an animated sitcom

We could divide the first season in two parts: the first half gives us the adventures related to their daily lives, giving us a general idea of the interactions between characters; the second half focuses mainly on Glam’s story, before he became the person we got to know.

We are currently waiting for the second season, a direct mention from the author, which makes this the best moment to invite you to watch the show. In a recent interview Alina mentioned she left her day job in an attempt to dedicate herself full time to this project, in which she is currently working with another artist.

You can watch the show for free in Youtube, either in Russian or with translations to English and Spanish. Some episodes are dubbed while others are subtitled.

This work has gotten great praise, mostly because it represents and at the same time plays with metalhead stereotypes, but from an inside perspective. It represents the community and makes a well intentioned parody of it, with great humour and appreciation implied in every Easter Egg of metal culture.

On the other hand, and most importantly: this show is very human. The characters have a realistic interaction as people, they feel like a family that knows each other well and has different personalities. That even if they live in a not-exactly “normal” environment, they have a bubble to go and take comfort, a bubble that, as we saw in season 1 did not happen “just because” but because they overcame great and painful challenges to become what they are, to create and develop their own identities. As I was saying, in this first season, through Glam’s story we get to identify ourselves in the challenge of building our own identity, always to a certain degree, distinct and unique from what the world expects from us.