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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions regarding our content sharing and reserved rights.
Please read carefully

“Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license”
What does this mean?

Unless the article, post or entry specifies otherwise, you can copy and share any and all content within the article, post or entry as long as you give credit and direct link to 7-circles and its authors. You must also and indicate if changes were made. Keep in mind some content, like original works of fiction, may have a different Creative Commons attribution license


Footer says “© 2020 7-circles.net sevencircles.net” instead of (CC BY 4.0). Why is this?

While the content (entries, posts and articles) within the site use different types of Creative Commons licenses, the design for the site itself, including any and all associated logos, illustrations and images, is not permitted to be copied, reused, altered in any way shape or form.


I would like to request a commission or freelance job to one of your designers, how do I do this?

7-circles is a collective of creative writers, illustrators, artists and digital designers accustomed to work with English and Spanish speaking clients. If you would like to commission a project, just send a message to questions@sevencircles.net


How does the Resources & Downloads section work?

We are a team of digital designers, artists and web developers with several years in the industry. As a way of Giving back to the Internet we are continuously making various files available in this section for personal and commercial use, as long as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License terms are followed.


This website runs ads and asks for donations, Why is this?

Maintaining and updating this website costs our team time and money. We aim to provide quality content for the Internet in exchange for some revenue. This income is to be provided by third party ads, donations and freelance design projects.


Some articles use vulgar and/or offensive language. Why is this allowed?

One of the paramount principles of this site is freedom of speech. We do not condone censorship in favour of avoiding the risk of offending someone. We agree with Jordan Petterson when he says, “In order to think and express myself I must risk being offensive” and we believe choice of words to drive a point home takes precedence over being unclear for the sake of pleasing someone out there. That being said, 7-circles will moderate, regulate and even delete articles that have the explicit intention of offending a specific person or a certain group, based solely in our moderators’ judgement. Also remember the perspectives and opinions of our authors and editors might not reflect the perspectives and opinions of the site itself.