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Web Services


7-circles offers a wide range of web services adaptable to your needs.


Web Master Services

Websites require constant maintenance to remain updated and functional. We are experts in WordPress CSM, WHM, Database and Cpanel management. Our Studio experience has taught us that a good website consists mostly in keeping the frontend fresh and the backend functional.

Web design & Development

Do you want to create the perfect site for your business or for personal use? Do you want to give a facelift to a site you already own? Maybe have that pesky issue or bug fixed at last. We can help you!

Social Media Managing

Perhaps what you need is a service designed to keep your brand up to date and relevant. Our design team can develop announcements and banners while our experts in social media marketing help your brand grow its presence in the Net.



7-circles started as an informal art and design blog, a way to share our love for multimedia, culture and art. However 7-circles has grown into a collective of experts and professionals with as much experience in design & marketing studios and well as in particular branding and freelancing. Our modus operandi is focused in delivering tangible results and our work ethic has customer satisfaction as a priority.



We are NOT some sketchy group botspamming from a room in Punjab or Pakistan. We are professionals with several years of web design experience. Our main priority is to build long term work relationships that will be mutually beneficial. Any access and login information trusted to us is jealousy kept.



Take advantage of international exchange rates and recieve quality service at a fraction of your country’s cost. We operate under the principle that no gig is too small, no project is too large, and no client deserves anything but the best customer service.



Our experience in web design has shown that no client is like another. Some clients would rather just send a work list to be completed, others prefer to build along the design team. Another client might prefer to leave their website in the hands of a professional to fix or revamp. You might be the type of client that requires guidance and orientation regarding the best decisions for your site.



We have build relationships with several other programmers, designers and web experts along the years. In case you might need a more specialized service, we can call upon colleagues that we are confident will be able to solve a very particular problem.