//15 Music mixes for the Cyberpunk Lover

15 Music mixes for the Cyberpunk Lover

In this article 7-circles presents our pick for the 15 best cyberpunk mixes in terms of visuals and sound. We originally wanted to make it a top 10 best cyberpunk mixes, but there are some we just couldnt leave out. With so many amazing music mixes out there, this list is constantly being updated, If you find one of the links is no longer working please let us know.

BY: Rick

– Featured Image credit: Klaus Wittmann
So CD Projekt Red has at last released Cyberpunk 2077, and with my current spree inside the dystopian genre got fueled again to get another hold on William Gibson’s classic Sprawl trilogy (Neuromancer / Count Zero / Mona Lisa Overdrive).


This story arc might have been the parent of the cyberpunk genre in fiction along with Blade Runner back in the 80’s, and are a great starting point for any fan that wish to inmerse themselves into the neon-lit, gray-sky cities of this bleak futuristic setting. A great way to enhance the experience of this environment has been music. A good selection of background music that will not interfere my reading, but rather combine it to get lost even further into Gibson’s dark and fascinating universe.

Nostalgia for the imagined future from the past decades has been hitting us quite strongly in recent years, and this has been reflected into the channels of several visual and music artists, often combined and mixed into videos that make a great sensory background for reading, tabletop gaming, roleplayng and any other activity that satiates our thirst for Cyberpunk.


Future Underground Part II: 1 Hr Progressive Mix: Anime Sci-Fi GIF visuals

As the name states, this one has a great mix of Trance, Electronica and Synth/industrial. Animated pixel art and anime-inspired visuals.


Future Underground – Progressive and Intelligent Trance Mix (Animated Cyberpunk Visuals)

This one works more like a jack of all trades for me. Has a little bit of everything but doesnt particularly excel at a particular mood. The visual however are hypnotyzing and spot on.


Epic Metalstep Mix – TNG

The Enigma TNG, a channel with an incredible archive of self authored music. This song is a great example of Enigma’s haunting, agressive, futuristic metalstep.


Scandroid – Scandroid (Full Album)

If it’s a full 80’s feel is what youre looking for, NewRetroWave got your back.


Programming / Coding / Hacking music vol.16 (CONNECTING LOST)

A light mix with a 16-bit and videogame feel. Has a more modern atmosphere than most in this list.

As these mixes are filled with ambient music and simple graphics, they are also great for activities and focused tasks like studyng, meditating, calculating, writing and coding. At the same time, most of these mixes could pretty well fit in underground and cyberpunk clubs for that nostalgic and futuristic tone.


Ultimate Metalstep Mix

This 90’s nostalgia-filled metalstep mix has given soundtrack to many of our Shadowrun battle scenes.


It Came from the 80’s… Vol.2 – A Retro Darkwave Horror Synth Special

A slow tempo and retro mix with hints of horror and intrigue.



With its very intense Drum & Bass, Zardonic might be a bit too cathartic for some; for the rest, it’s a non-stop ride in high gear.


Deus Ex: Ambient Mix (Mankind Divided // Human Revolution)

The soundtracks for the acclaimed cyberpunk videogames. Like the game itself, its music feels like the perfect blend and stuggle between humanity and its technology.


Epicuros – Artificial Intelligence vol. 4 (Dark Ambient, Noise, IDM, PsyChill, Electro)

Ambient Epicuros is another great channel with amazing video editing and a seamless music mix. Vol 4: The rise of the machines and the Fall of humanity.



This electronic music mix will have your blood pumping and your brain in overdrive for 90 minutes. Just like the channel says, liftoff is at at 04:00.


Love, Death + Robots Vibe Mix (Electro/Cyberpunk)

Steady and tough beats are the trademark in this NightmareOwl Mix. Make sure to check out their channel for more amazing original music.


Programming / Coding / Hacking music vol.6 (SERVERS)

JimTV’s compliations are atmospheric and seamless. Great for studying, coding or just drifting down the Sprawl’s dark alleys.


Epicuros – Artificial Intelligence vol.3 – Age of Transhumanism (Downtempo, Chillout, PsyChill)

Another one of Ambient Epicuros great mixes. The combination of music and visuals is an experience on itself. It almost tells a story that evolves inside this dark, and at the same time colorful setting.


– Psybient Greatest Anthems All Time Mix (+ Animated 16Bit Sci-Fi Visuals)

This is probably my favourite mix of all, the ambient music and selection of visuals really catches the 80’s mood of the genre, and for me is the one that best catches the atmosphere of the setting.


These mixes and compilations allow us to enjoy the work of several music and visual artists in a single package, whose authors are almost always found in the video descriptions.