//The Yellow King

The Yellow King

Hastur does not have a defined form, he manifests according to his wishes and manipulates the minds of those with whom he has contact, wisely choosing those who will manifest and testing them by forcing them to read “The Yellow King”, once in In that position there are only two paths: madness or genius.

BY: Sanleera Vexadan

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona, retrieved from unsplash.com

He forces me to write and read his poems, he has shown me the city of Carcosa in dreams. Located on the shores of Hali Lake, which is now dry. He has told me that the lake will fill again, but not with running water as I know it, but with an ethereal substance, like a gas cold to the touch, made of my dreams and longings, Hali Lake will fill with my soul.

In my mind, his human body gradually decomposes, the robe is torn, and the purple tentacles of death emerge erect from beneath it. As he transforms I can see his resemblance to a festering, swollen corpse. In my brain I almost perceive the smell of the King’s putrefaction, he gets angry at my infamous thought and attacks my heart… I suffer from a heart attack but I keep writing, the terror is immediate, I can’t breathe, the presence of King Hastur seizes me body, I feel my brain shutting down and he invades me, controls my movements, controls my body, possesses me completely and my death approaches. I feel my soul escaping and the Yellow Sign hanging from its atrocious neck, works as a portal. Hastur is today and yesterday on the Earth that I have abandoned.

I am the beginning of chaos, the ultimate end of the senses. I have never knowingly harmed men, but our species has cruelly harmed and spied on them. There is an entire cult of evil men dedicated to tracking them down and harming them in the name of monstrous powers from other dimensions.

Hastur is the alpha and the omega.